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Well Big Finish has sucked me back into this fandom. Yay? What can I say, I can't stay away.

So because I love a good survey and have been on BBCA panel forever, I got invited to beta test Britbox. I wish I could have given them rave reviews, but it was thoroughly underwhelming. (I made it clear in their market testing surveys that I considered a no-Doctor BBC/BBCA streaming service a deal breaker.) And low and behold when it debuted guess what? No Doctor Who. No sci-fi at all. And no anything I'd ever heard of either - aside from Absolutely Fabulous and Are You Being Served. I can see better BBC stuff on Netflix and frankly on my DVD shelf. And I then I found out ITV was part of this. Where was all the good ITV stuff? I mean - The Thunderbirds, The Avengers? And not my thing but come on- what about The Saint and The Prisoner?

But if you love Britain's Most Boring Documentaries (Planet Earth? Hahaha, no), or lots of soap operas and a bunch dramas so slow they are rated an insomnia cure, you are all set.

And on that note you know what else it lacked? One single kid's show. Even Netflix has offerings like The Sparticle Mystery which is bad and kinda does everything wrong, but hey, it's offered.

So I made all this clear in my beta panel surveys and I was ready to hit cancel the second my 90 day beta ended. (They were launching at the point and it would cost actual money.) Then I guess they heard the boos and just before the beta ended, they added classic DW and Red Dwarf. (I'm not a fan of the latter but Junior is.) So DH and I decided to let it ride a month and see what happens. So to make it worthwhile I needed to start watching DW. It was on Hulu for a while, but somehow all the ads made it unappealing. I'll probably be reviewing my rewatch here, because a lot of these are so much better than I remembered. It was hard work being a PSB DW viewer as a kid and knowing that watching meant you were plunking yourself down for 90 minutes of viewing while your Saturday morning ticked away.

So this turned into a bit of a rant so I'm going to shut up now. I meant to write just a short note that I was going to review the eps on my rewatch. So see you then.

Date: 2017-05-18 02:47 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] redcirce
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I'm totally psyched to hear what you think of Classic Who! It's definitely grown on me since I started with Big Finish.

Did you see they're doing Ten/Rose audios in the fall?

Date: 2017-05-18 11:58 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] redcirce
redcirce: bouncy Rose (manic Rose)
I guess they were testing the waters with the Donna series? And it worked?



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