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So I'm considering writing fanfic again.

That is- I am writing fanfic again. Non- Doctor Who fanfic. That I'm considering finishing and posting. I don't know if I'll post here or just link to the Ao3 post.

You'll know when I do, I guess.
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A Wordle for my pending Big Bang story. Which (if I can get the darn thing finished) will be the longest fanfic I've written.


Aug. 9th, 2011 11:15 pm
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Well, like a lot of people I know in fandom these days, I've been suffering from a persistent case of writer's block. A few weeks ago I was looking over my (very large) file of unfinished DW fic and decided they all had something in common: they were entirely pointless. As in plotless, themeless, completely lacking in M.I.C.E. So I copied a bunch of them in one file and took a hard look at them and wondered if maybe they just needed to part of one story and one plot and it would be *poof*-*magic*-fic.

So it seemed like fate when within a day or two my stunning revelation that this came across my flist. (And sadly no one was around to talk me out of it.)

So if all goes well there will much fic in the future. (And if not you all get to nag me forever.)

Incidentally, guess how I've prepped for this epic endeavor all summer? Well marathoning Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Deep Space Nine of course. And reading DS9 fanfic.
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Now , when I say I have writer's block, I don't mean garden variety writer's block. I mean decades-long, confidence-issues-bordering-on- the-pathetic, writer's block. In fact, my whole venture into fanfic is an attempt to correct this. So, when I say I'm totally jazzed on the results of some random googling, that is saying something.

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