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Okay - it seems I have a bit of a love-hate thing going on with BBC Worldwide. The DVD distribution arm that is. Ever since DW S3 came out BBC Worldwide has embraced the Disneyesque passion for an excessive amount of trailers for their DVDs before the opening menu. Sounds okay in principle but it's their choice of trailers that's at issue.

On S3 that includes family friendly shows like MI-5 and Torchwood. (Which honestly were questionable but the trailers were not inappropriate.) Then we come to Jekyll and we see This. (Not the exact trailer but very close.) My son was just about eight when he saw that. I was out of the room when the DVD started up and came back in time to see all the bloody shirt/menacing kids scenes and my horrified boy standing frozen in front of the TV. Cue kid nightmares and being terrified to watch any of S3 for a while.

I ranted about it on some forum or another and was advised to complain at the BBCA website. I tried but the site kept eating my entry so I decided to try later and somehow never did.

Fast forward a few years. So far the S4 ads have been pretty tame (but I haven't watched all the disks) and we don't have S5. What we do have is all theSarah Jane Adventures.

I was living in hope that BBC Worldwide had learned their lesson. Then we got SJA S3 a couple months back. And on disk two was an ad for Children of Earth. A particularly lovely one too.(Sorry about text overlays from some pirate site. They are the only ones who posted that one. Huh, wonder why.) I especially love the burnt-up, screaming man part.

Now people argue and fuss at me for calling DW a kid's show. Thus the PG-13/R rated trailers *may* (and this is the most qualified "may" ever) be excusable. But I defy anyone to tell me a CBBC show is the place for a trailer like that. (Because young kids need to see stories about adults utterly betraying them?)

So after that tl;dr, my question is thus: how crazed mom should I go about all this and what exactly should I say. Whenever I think of think of it, I want to meta all day and probably come off sounding like Mary Whitehouse. **sigh**

I know better than most that my son blinks at things other kids are blind to. I know he's an extreme pacifist who at eleven is just now deciding that while it's still not okay to have a gun shown in a fictional setting, it's not always a deal-breaker. As long no one gets shot graphically. And as long the film is PG-13 or less. And not a drama. (IE comedy, light action/adventure.)

But I'm not overreacting, am I? Honestly?

For [ profile] honorh

Mar. 12th, 2011 07:16 pm
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Those of you who don't frequent the Ninth Doctor comms may or not be familiar with [ profile] honorh. One of her more well known fics is Seed Pearls.

She has been working in Japan as a teacher for the past year or so in one of coastal cities that was hit by the tsumani. Currently, she is on the list of the missing. Updates on the efforts to locate her can be found here on [ profile] wendymr's LJ.

As per a suggestion by [ profile] lindenharp, [ profile] honorh's friends and well wishers are decorating her LJ in Help Japan v-gifts to aid in the efforts there. There is also the [ profile] help_japan comm up and running in case you can help in other way.

Whatever you do, I hope you might join me in sparing some thoughts and/or prayers for her safety.

ETA: She has been found safe and accounted for!
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Not that I'm complaining, really. It's kinda nice to just watch and not really care. I'm as of today caught up to the angels eps. I just didn't want to be bothered with the cliffhanger. I could have cheerfully waited for another week but my son starting bouncing for new eps nownownow.

But anyway. Eleven.

Eleven is okay. But, then again, I think Six is okay. And Six stole "my" Doctor away so... yeah, ya know.

some meta, some mommy rage, and possible spoilers )


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