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Jul. 12th, 2017 12:58 am
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I am still binging DW - old-skool and New - and one of these days I'll write about them...

But in the meantime, with all the fun and games with photobucket I started weighing my options. This included a little archeology, namely investigating all the things I abandoned on gdocs when it turned to Drive and got bad. Apparently, I abandoned a lot. There was even ready to post fic and fic that is partly done and stills speaks to me enough to maybe get finished.

Two fics have gone up on Ao3. I'll either link them or post them here shortly. And also I realized pathetically I never added my only long-fic, Laughing at Stars, to my masterlist. So that's done (at least on LJ - my masterlist on dreamwidth is just the import with LJ links. One of these days I'll fix that.) But today I uploaded Stars to Ao3 and spend the rest of the day wrangling artwork and formatting. X_X

And on a side note- does anyone know what's up with TSP? They've been down for over 24 hours now. I was in the middle of rereading a very long fic series.
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So awhile ago I ranted about how disappointing Britbox was. And just when I was going to cancel after the beta-testing ended, they plunked all of Classic Who there. So we ponied up the first month's fee. (Thus inspiring my re-watch posts.)

Well tonight I was loafing around YT and discovered clip for An Adventure in Time and Space. Something I'd entirely missed due to my absence from general fandom (and the general suckiness of Tumblr* at spreading DW news).

The clips looked amazing so I immediately scoured the internet for a way to watch it. Netflix failed me, Amazon only turned up a Blue-ray copy after some aggressive searching and IMDb was utter fail at linking. Belatedly I thought, well let me search Britbox. I pasted it into the search expecting nothing. So it took me a minute to figure out what was happening when the site not only turned up a result but went ahead and started playing it. There may have been an unearthly fangirl squee when my brain finally shifted into gear.

The family ended up watching it as well. It was lovely and sad. I knew some about the history of course. All that time spent on the forums weren't for naught. But it's different seeing it dramatized. I never knew how much Harnell loved the show. It was a bit heartbreaking.

DH is now determined to watch all the Hartnell eps on Britbox. (DH is movie crier and I know this got to him too.) So I guess my re-watch list is growing. (Though these don't count as rewatch, just a new-to-me.)

So you win this round, Britbox.

*And in other news: Tumblr sucks. (Sorry, had to get my quota in for the day.)
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So I've been working all week at volunteer stuff and just wanted to sit down tonight to listen to one of the three new BF audios I bought last night (yay, for mom's day presents) but when I went to d/l - oh look the site is down. *cries* So guess it's a good time to review some Old Skool DW.

Two - Tomb of the Cybermen

So we started with Two. I was seriously pleasantly surprised. I was expecting lots of wobbly sets and sloooow stories. So far I've only gotten through the first two One stories and I found them so terribly slow. The only second Doctor stories I'd seen until now were the bits and pieces from my Lost in Time set. But the story moved well, the cybermen in this were Much better and much scarier than the cybermen in the Four episode I watched (more on this later). This was also my first time seeing an ep with Victoria and I liked her pretty well.

I don't like using number ratings because it seems very arbitrary and I always overthink, so I'll just categorize this one as fun and would watch again.


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