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Mar. 12th, 2011 07:16 pm
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Those of you who don't frequent the Ninth Doctor comms may or not be familiar with [ profile] honorh. One of her more well known fics is Seed Pearls.

She has been working in Japan as a teacher for the past year or so in one of coastal cities that was hit by the tsumani. Currently, she is on the list of the missing. Updates on the efforts to locate her can be found here on [ profile] wendymr's LJ.

As per a suggestion by [ profile] lindenharp, [ profile] honorh's friends and well wishers are decorating her LJ in Help Japan v-gifts to aid in the efforts there. There is also the [ profile] help_japan comm up and running in case you can help in other way.

Whatever you do, I hope you might join me in sparing some thoughts and/or prayers for her safety.

ETA: She has been found safe and accounted for!
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I posted this at [ profile] tennant_love but I thought I might as well post it on my LJ as well.

Check out lots number 5 and 6, number 7 (ties!), number 17 (VotD Tux), numbers 43 and 47.

In addition, there are many companion costumes that you can finally get a good look at. Most lots have photos that zoom in for really nifty little closeups. *takes notes for writing fic*

I managed to escape the wah! Ten! feeling, then I saw this. Now, I'm waaah! TARDIS! instead.

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cut for vid )

Ah, the Electric Company. Where else can you see Morgan Freeman singing? :D More proof that I am old.
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Well, due to an excess of RL, I've been avoiding the comms and just skimming personal LJ's for the last few weeks. So, because things don't seem to be getting better any time soon, I'm begging on the good graces of my flist to rec me any fic that's been posted in the last month that is particularly noteworthy. Any rating Ten/Rose, Nine/Rose, genfic, AU is all ok. No Ten II fic please.

Thanks in advance!
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Okay I've been pretty quiet here and I've feeling stressed out bored and so I thought: I know, let's ignite a fandom war on my LJ*. :p

Five Unpopular Fandom Opinions - Doctor Who )


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