May. 19th, 2013

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(whoo - I didn't fall in a black hole after all.)

So while random googling, I came upon the very, very promising tumblr tag of "100 Doctor/Rose songs" only to find the person posting this had linked vids for about 12 randomly numbered songs and then put the blog on long-term hiatus. Hmm

So flist - I've always said Doctor Who fans know all the best songs. So ask your LJfriends and tumblr neighbors and let's see if we can make that list. Because it would be awesome.

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So I've decided to add this to my Epic DW Fandom Links posts. It definitely seems to qualify. All songs are linked to Youtube vids so you can listen to any and all of them. (Aside from "Star Girl" which seems to be obscure so it is linked to Myspace Music.)

But as with all these posts: Links are not guaranteed longevity. Whenever possible, I've linked to official sources (yes, that includes Vevo, so if you don't have an ad blocker, well...) so they will hopefully stay up long term.

And as always this post is WIP. I will fix dead links as I find them or am told of them. Also, I haven't quiet reached 100 yet, but we're getting there.

All songs (and more) can also be found on Tumblr as an all-fandom blog at Songs for Shippers.

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